Social Media Strategy & Analysis Project

Street Science Media Analysis & Strategy

Media Analysis

The Street Science brand seems to be an artist first brand. As the street science brand becomes more active on social media so has their blog. The blog has a total of 18 posts; posts are on different music business related hot topics and news. The blog has received  a slim 65 viewers and no reader comments have yet to be posted.

The Street Science Brand Twitter campaign led by creator Joel Green seems to be their most active social network. Joel Green uses a very social approach to spreading the messages of Street Science. Video Clips with artist tips & motivation have received the most engagement. @MisterJoelGreen is following 533 accounts, and is followed back by 260 accounts. The profile has been visited over 1100 times, and has mover over 18 thousand 6 hundred impressions.  

Street Science Pinterest board seems like they got off to a slow start but due to recent increase in activity their boards. Street Science has a total of 5 followers, while following 13 others. The brand has 9 boards and 93 pins.

Street Science’s Instagram seems to be one of the weakest areas of the brands focus on social media. The brand has not stayed consistent with posting and only has 10 posts. Street Science is currently following 235 accounts and is followed by 64 accounts.

Media Strategy

When marketing a product, project, or brand consistency is key in proving your credibility.  

Street Science can effectively increase their reach through consistent activity on each of their platforms. The Street Science blog needs to define and establish their mission and focus solely on its target demographic. Secondly, adding an email subscription plugin to the site to retain subscribers. By increasing daily posts and relatable content Street Science can increase its blogs following and reach.

Street Science can maximize their twitter following by increasing its daily activity. A consistent string of powerful media tweets can help increase their following. Posting relatable content in association with its Street Science blog on a daily basis will help increase the brand’s twitter reach. Posting motivational clips daily with artists insight & tips will also help Street Science to maximize its audience engagement. Weekly Tweetstorms will help increase the brand’s following and will also help increase mentions. A tweetstorm is a series of tweets linked together in a chronological order which could also be shared on the street science blog.

Street Science can increase its Instagram following by posting shareable content relatable to its blog daily. Increasing hashtag usages, posting at the right times of the day, and using the right call to action can help Street Science increase its reach and following on instagram. Populating more Street Science related content on instagram, can lead to boards being created on the brand’s Pinterest. Street Science can appeal to the heart of its audience on Pinterest by offering pinterest contest to followers on all their social networks to increase engagement and reach. With a consistent stream of content on all platforms, Street Science’s mission of keeping artists informed and connected if conveyed on a daily basis should catapult the brand into a go to blog for unsigned artists & fans of the arts. Lastly, every social media post and content needs to be in sync with every blog content and post.

StreetScience – UnplugdLA



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