The Keys to Making Your Career Happen

So you want to be a rap superstar and live large ? Then Do the necessary ground and leg work to make that dream a reality. Don’t sell yourself short. Once you have the product and content ready get your team in order. Plan and be strategic in your approach and don’t be afraid of taking risks. Lastly, stay clear of negativity its cancer. Energy is a monster stay on the positive side.

Take Over Your Region

Brainwash your immediate market with a consistent flow of quality music and content. Put on great performances and build quality relationships.

Let Your Voice Be Heard on other dope artists records that you respect and are a fan of.

Stay Consistent
Consistency is key in staying relevant in the music business. Put out quality music, and visuals on a consistent basis. Stay true to your brand, and keep your fans engaged.

Blaze The Stage
That may sound corny but…
Where You Perform, How You Perform, and who comes out to see you perform plays a major role in striking a deal with a major talent agency and fostering new relationships.

Follow Through
Sounds easy, but it’s not for most. Keep your word if you say your going to do something do it. Following through can make a break a potential key┬árelationship.

These are just a few keys tips to making your rap career go from a dream to a reality. h


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