14 Steps To Properly Releasing Your Rap Single

14 Steps to Release Your Rap Single

A lot of independent artist can benefit greatly from taking proper steps to ensure the release of their new single actually makes an impact.

1. Sound Quality -Sound quality matters, taking a poorly mixed record to a DJ can make or break whether that DJ chooses to play it or not.

2. Single Artwork – Create and Develop concepts, themes, and brand imagery that follows through with your vision for your single.

3. Press Release – Create & Send Press Release to Bloggers, dJ’s, & influencers w/ single artwork & release date.

4. Shoot Video – Plan & shoot quality video. A strong creative visual is key in helping you gain exposure to your single.A bad video can suck the life out of a song, and a good video can make a song become a hit record

5.  Listening Party – Put on a listening party for local dj’s, close friends & influencers. Don’t limit yourself to traditional venues, and give them incentives to come out such as open bar, giveaways & refreshments. Capitalize on having everyone in one room. Take advantage of press, get as much press coverage as possible. Lastly, take advantage of branding opportunities.

6. Promotional Content – Create Different Types of Viral promotional content to promote the single across all your social media platforms.

7. Single Release Party – Plan Single Release Party w/ local promoter & book DJ of Your Choice. To capitalize on public position and make a positive impact on an influential DJ.

8. Release Single – Release Single via platform of your choice. Preferably your website with an embed code for other sites to be able to share your single as well.

10. Perform – Put on Great Performance at your Single Release Party. Put on a performance that captivates a new audience.

9. DJ Service Package – Create Dj Service Package & e blast all djs or use a platform like greenhitz.com that services records to thousands of djs.

10. Lyric Video – Day after Single Release release Lyric Video to Youtube. Youtube is the second biggest search engine over Google. Take advantage

11. Music Video Trailer – Release Music Video Trailer 3 Days After Single Release

12. Premiere Music Video – Exactly one week after the release, premiere your video on one of the major music video distribution sites.

13. Lastly, promote promote promote.

These steps are very clear and can be accomplished with a plan, budget, and strategy in place. Failing to plan, is planning to fail take advantage of proper planning, budgeting, and strategizing.


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